Literacy Committee

The literary committee, XLS and its activities are focused mainly on 3 key areas :

  • To add a spark of ‘outlook’ to the fire of ‘pre owned knowledge’ in every field ,
  • To uplift the aspect of ‘literature’ which not only enhances the personality but also is a pre-requisite in every sphere, and
  • To provide a pillar to support the motto of our university, "Education… that meets the needs of the society and enables the building of sustainable communities".


This committee aims to:

  • Encourage and promote aspiring students to be a part of literary activities, which promises polishing their skills and outlook,
  • Ensure fair chances and opportunities to all the students, avoiding the epidemic of discrimination on any possible grounds,
  • Enhance spontaneity and originality in expression and work, and building up the necessary confidence through interactions and activities.
  • Promote the aspirant’s interest in reading, being updated and independent research.


The literary committee XLS consists of the following positions :

  • Chairperson – Dean, XLS:
    • a) To chair the meetings and take every major and final decisions regarding the affairs of literary committee, XLS.
    • b) Ensure the committee’s proper functioning by mentoring and suggesting the members.
  • President :
    • a) Presides over the meetings and accountable to the chairperson or any concerned faculties regarding the committee affairs.
    • b) To work under the guidelines of the chairperson and ensure discipline as well as smooth functioning of the committee.
    • c) Responsible to ensure convenience of the committee members and has the responsibility to consider and respect their views.
  • 3. Secretary:
    • a) Accountable to the aspiring students and other committee members and holds the office in absence of the president.
    • b) Assists the president in all committee meetings as well as events and activities.
    • c) Suggests functioning of the coordinator(s).
  • Coordinator :
    • a) Arrangement of funds and ensure proper functioning of the events and activities.
    • b) The committee requires a min. of 2 and at max. 4 co-coordinators to handle the tasks provided.
    • c) Assist the secretary in all concerned affairs of the committee.
  • Committee members:
    • a) Participate in the meetings and carry the major responsibility of successful conduct and conclusion of the events and activities.
    • b) The number of committee members is not likely to exceed 15 and is supposed to consist at least 8 members from senior batches.


This committee aims to:

  • The re-constitution of the committee shall take place annually, apart from any special cases of expulsion of members by the committee through the chairperson.
  • The committee can decide over expulsion of any member in case of defying the mentioned rules, and final decision shall be subject of consideration of the chairperson.
  • New members are to be selected by the existing committee members.


The functions of the literary committee, XLS is as follows:

  • To conduct various activities and competitions which include,
    • A. Essay writing,
    • B. Debates,
    • C. Speeches,
    • D. Elocutions,
    • E. Interaction with experts,
    • F. Literary workshops, seminars and conference,
    • G. Extempore,
    • H. Banner and poster writings, and
    • I. Various games improving the wit and knowledge, and ensuring harmony, honesty and a fair game play.
  • Ensure fair chances and opportunities to all the students, avoiding the epidemic of discrimination on any possible grounds,
  • To keep the students and university updated regarding the various inter and intra college competitions, and
  • To ensure excellence in the performances of the committee as well as the students in the aforementioned activities.


  • All the financial expenditures are to be borne by XLS.
  • The committee will place tentative budget required to the Dean, XLS for provision and approval.
  • No student or committee member, unless and until advised by the Chairperson through the coordinator need to provide any fund for events and activities to be organised.


The literary committee, XLS is to abide by the following codes of conduct to maintain a proper decorum and also affirms the aspiring students to abide by them to maintain proper discipline.

    • i. Apart from special requirement, the committee will conduct a bi-monthly meeting every 2nd and 4th Friday to discuss various affairs concerned with the committee’s functioning. In case the mentioned days are declared as holiday, the meeting shall commence on the next working day. Absence in the meetings is supposed to be a subject of prior notice to the chairperson or any case of special consideration, failing which will attract actions against the member, by the committee. Every meetings presided should have more than 50% presence of the members to ensure its proper conduct.
    • ii. The members are required to respect the fellow members and their individual views. It ensures zero-tolerance in any case of harassment, ragging and discrimination either towards any member or any aspirant.
    • iii. Active participation of members is expected in every activity conducted by the committee and recurrent passive attitude without any specific reason will attract action by the committee against him/her.
    • iv. Finally, every decision taken by the committee regarding nomination of members in various posts, conducting the activities and expulsion of any member from the committee should undergo approval of the Chairperson and in no way aims to favour any personal relations.
    • v. The Chairperson may nominate any faculty to chair the meetings and deal with the disputes in case of his absence.
    • i. Originality in work is expected and appreciated and any case of plagiarism or conflicts comes under the context of zero tolerance.
    • ii. Active and honest participation is expected in all activities conducted by the committee.
    • iii. Any kind of articles or write-ups defaming the university, committee or any individual is neither accepted nor appreciated and ensures zero tolerance by the committee.
    • iv. Finally the aspirants are expected to tolerate as well as respect each other’s views and in any case defying this will attract disciplinary actions against him/her.
    • v. The committee may expect student volunteers for help and assistance as far as arrangements are concerned and in no way appreciates or encourages any kind of monetary/financial help.


Any kind of legal disputes or conflicts shall subject to jurisdiction of Dean, XLS and Vice Chancellor, XUB as per its necessity.