Prof. Narayan Chandra Sarangi

I happy to welcome you to the Xavier School of Law! This Law School established by the prestigious Xavier University Bhubaneswar, is a globally networked learning family which focuses on the holistic development of young men and women who are interested to commit their lives in pursuit of legal education and research. Xavier School of Law is the perfect place for those who are looking to hone their skills in the learning and discernment of legal practice and profession.

While thousands of law books can adorn shelves, it’s the interpretation and appreciation of the words imbibed in letter and spirit within these books that has shaped the Indian Constitution, the Rule of Law of our great country and the spirit of Justice and Jurisprudence which bestows India as the largest democracy of the world. Not only do we learn law, we also take various pedagogical approaches to sharpen the theory into practice and practice into profession. So come, be a part of the Xavier Law family and build with us a just and humane society with justice for all.